About Us

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What We're All About

The ALLC languages centre has been offering exciting intensive language programs for years. Our programs combine the best in classroom instruction, English as a Second Language (ESL) technology, and exciting social and cultural activities. ALLC instructors are dedicated university graduates among those are PhD holders with special training in English as a Second Language. They work hard to create a friendly and supportive learning environment. Our students enjoy modern academic and recreational facilities that is just minutes from the a short bus ride from Changlun town. Being a student in ALLC is a great experience. This city is safe, clean, and very friendly. We are located on the northern tip of Kedah state, on the spectacular Northern region of Malaysia. Kedah is famous for its natural surroundings and one of the the greenest region in Malaysia. As a major tourist destination, Kedah welcomes thousands of international visitors a year.

Learn New language Now

at ALLC we strive to make language learning affordable and reach to everyone without boundries.


Dr. Wan Ibraheem
Founder of ALLC
Our Vision

Who We Are


By making ALLC the renowned and affordable languages centre in each state to impart English skills, IELTS services and Business English skills.


Upgrading the youth knowledge and competencies to excel in academic and professional spheres through language skills thereby reaching to desired places in career and society.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Engaging students in language learning experience with language instructor who has extensive experience working in the industry.

Learn at Your Own Pace

provide flexible learning experience where students can now choose the language course according to their availability.


Upon completion students are awarded with certificate of completion which can be used for their career advancement.